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Workshop - Target MBA admission 2024

Your Masterclass to cracking B school interviews by Interview Afficionado : Partho Sarathi Ghosh

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Who is this course for?

MBA Aspirants who have cracked CAT/ Other Bschool exams for 2024 admissions;
MBA Aspirants who have obtained interview calls in next 2 months.
MBA Aspirants for 2025 CAT

Why should you buy this course?

- 90 minute masterclass on cracking interviews
- 50% off voucher for all interview and admission related courses
- Free profile analyser for each individual profile

What do you get in this course?

-Exclusive insights from industry experts.
-Proven strategies for effective communication.
-Tips and tricks to craft a standout application.
-Real-world advice to navigate the MBA landscape successfully.

Benefits and bonuses included in the course

Access to a private community of aspirants, mentors and experts. Exclusive resources and templates for application success. Personalized feedback on your application. Discounted coaching sessions for a limited time.


1. Sarah K. - Future MBA Rockstar!

"I can't thank the webinar enough for the personalized guidance I received. The strategies shared were a game-changer for my GDPI preparation. With newfound confidence, I aced my interviews and secured admission to my dream B-School. Highly recommended!"

2. Raj S. - Mastering Communication Skills

"The 'Master the Art of Communication' segment was a revelation! The practical tips and real-life scenarios discussed in the webinar were invaluable. They not only helped me sail through the interview process but also enhanced my overall communication skills. A must-attend for aspiring business leaders!"

3. Priya M. - Crafting a Winning Application

"The webinar taught me how to present my achievements in a way that truly reflected my potential. The insights on crafting a winning application were spot-on. Thanks to the webinar, I received multiple offers from top B-Schools. It's a goldmine of information!"

4. Rohan G. - Staying Ahead of the Curve

"I wanted to stay updated on the latest trends in GDPI, and this webinar exceeded my expectations. The session on staying ahead of the curve was insightful and gave me a competitive edge. I felt well-prepared and confident during my interviews. Kudos to the team!"

5. Nisha B. - Conquering My Dream B-School

"The guidance and motivation I received from the webinar were instrumental in my success. I not only conquered my target B-School but also gained valuable insights that continue to benefit me in my academic journey. Grateful for this transformative experience!"

6. Arjun P. - Tailored Guidance for Success

"The personalized guidance I received during the webinar made all the difference. It was like having a roadmap tailored to my strengths and goals. The strategies shared were spot-on, and I entered my GDPI sessions with a newfound confidence. This webinar is a must for anyone serious about their MBA journey!"

7. Aisha R. - Communication Mastery Unleashed

"The 'Master the Art of Communication' segment was a revelation. The practical tips, role-playing scenarios, and interactive sessions were incredibly effective. I not only cracked my interviews but also saw a significant improvement in my day-to-day communication. A game-changer indeed!"

8. Varun S. - Winning Application Strategies

"Crafting a winning application seemed like a daunting task until I attended this webinar. The insights on presenting my achievements and aspirations were invaluable. The guidance I received played a pivotal role in shaping my application, ultimately leading to my acceptance into a top-tier B-School."

9. Natasha M. - Staying Ahead in the Competitive Arena

"As a competitive field, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. The webinar not only highlighted current GDPI trends but also provided strategies to navigate them successfully. I felt well-prepared and informed, giving me the edge needed to outshine other candidates. Highly recommend staying ahead with this webinar!"

10. Kartik B. - Conquering the Everest of B-Schools

"I had my eyes set on a prestigious B-School, and this webinar was the key to unlocking that door. The holistic approach to GDPI preparation, combined with insider tips on conquering specific B-School interviews, gave me the confidence to aim high and succeed. An enriching experience that I'd recommend to every aspiring MBA candidate!"

Partho Sarathi Ghosh ||
CEO @ Atticus Advisors | Strategy & consulting

Strategy consultant with 10 + years of experience in Corporate Strategy, Data Analytics, Management consulting, B2B and B2C Sales. Detailed Domain expertise in insurance, retail, pharma, Ed tech and Banking, Interview mentor to 400 + students. Coach and academic mentor to over 1500+ students

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